Serani Chemical Services heat proofing and waterproofing specialized is the suitable, long-lasting waterproofing and heat proofing treatments, individual as well as corporate customers in Karachi, Pakistan.

if you have any type of leakage and seepage problems in the roof, water tank, bathroom, swimming pool, basement, and wall solutions without any dismantling building structure.

Serani chemicals are the best waterproofing and heat proofing treatments experience, a worker in this field with over 10 years of experience.

we are providing the best services for :

Roof waterproofing and heat proofing treatment.

Bathroom leakage seepage repair without destroying.

water tank waterproofing and heatproofing treatment.

basemen waterproofing and foundation repairing.

swimming pool waterproofing and epoxy coating.

balconies and wall waterproofing and heat proofing treatment.

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regard :

Irfan Ahmed khan.




Karachi, Pakistan