MCE Waterproofing is providing the best Roof Waterproofing Services Roof Leakage Repair Roofing Services Roof Cool Coating Roof Fixing Our Treatment is tested with extra features extra life extra bonding strength durable long-life delicate look fine surface low-cost light weighted 100% Results Even in Heavy Rain. Smooth Flow to Rain Water. 05-10 Years Warranty.

Our experienced team at mason Chemicals expert contributes to providing the best waterproofing & heat proofing services in Karachi, Pakistan chemicals treatment, solutions such as roof leakage seepage repair, roof water leakage, and roof heating problems. Our state-of-the-art waterproofing paint will make sure that your flat rooftop gets the best security from any dismantling water leakages. Being one of the best companies in Karachi. If you have any kinds of leakage and seepage problems kindly contact us Mason Chemicals expert:

Our Services:

Roof waterproofing and heat proofing treatment.

Bathroom leakage seepage repair without destruction.

Water tank waterproofing and heat proofing treatment.

Basement waterproofing treatment and foundation repair.

Swimming pool waterproofing and epoxy coating.

Balconies and walls waterproofing treatment etc.

For further details please contact us for Mason Chemicals Expert:


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