At Holtorf Medical Group, we specialize in optimizing the quality of life and being medical detectives to uncover the root cause of symptoms, rather than prescribing medications to mask your symptoms. We treat Digestive issues, Environmental Toxins, Fatigue Syndromes & Multisystem Illnesses, Health Optimization, Hormones, Metabolic Dysfunction & Weight Gain, Musculoskeletal, Neurological, Skin Issues, Thyroid/ Endocrine System, and Tick-Borne Illness/ Fatigue Syndromes. During your initial visit, we will spend ample time with you reviewing concerns, addressing any questions, and discussing what next steps. Through advanced testing, our providers can treat the whole body, rather than just symptoms. In a follow-up visit with your provider, they will review all test results and discuss what your treatment plan will include. You will then implement all recommended treatment initiatives. As you progress in your health journey, you will meet with your Holtorf Medical Group provider regularly to adjust and refine your treatment plan to ensure you continue to feel your best. 


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